Steven Best is associate professor and chair of philosophy at the University of Texas-El Paso. He is author of The Politics of Historical Vision: Marx, Foucault, and Habermas (1995). With Douglas Kellner, he is author of a postmodern trilogy that has won numerous awards: Postmodern Theory: Critical Interrogations (1991), The Postmodern Turn (1995), and The Postmodern Adventure: Science, Technology, and Cultural Studies at the Third Millennium (2001). His next book will be Moral Progress and Animal Rights: The Struggle For Human Evolution. Some of his writings are posted at

Takis Fotopoulos is  a writer and the editor of Democracy and Nature; he is also a columnist for the Athens Daily Eleftherotypia. He was previously (1969-1989) Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of North London. He is the author of Towards An Inclusive Democracy  (London & New York: Cassell, 1997) which was also translated in  French, German, Italian and Greek and will shortly appear in Spanish. He is also the author of several books in Greek (Dependent Development; The Gulf War; The Neo-Liberal Consensus; The New World Order; Drugs; The New Order in the Balkans; Religion, Autonomy and Democracy; From the Athenian Democracy to Inclusive Democracy and Globalisation, the Left and Inclusive Democracy). Apart from his numerous writings in D&N and other journals, he has also made several contributions to French, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian and Greek publications.

Douglas Kellner is George Kneller Chair in the Philosophy of Education at UCLA and is author of many books on social theory, politics, history, and culture, including Camera Politica: The Politics and Ideology of Contemporary Hollywood Film, co-authored with Michael Ryan, Critical Theory, Marxism, and Modernity, Jean Baudrillard: From Marxism to Postmodernism and Beyond, Postmodern Theory: Critical Interrogations (with Steven Best), Television and the Crisis of Democracy, The Persian Gulf TV War, Media Culture, and The Postmodern Turn (with Steven Best). He has just published a book on the 2000 presidential Election, Grand Theft 2000: Media Spectacle and the Theft of an Election, and The Postmodern Adventure. Science, Technology, and Cultural Studies at the Third Millennium (co-authored with Steven Best). Forthcoming books include Media Spectacle and September 11, Terror War, and the New Barbarism.

Brian Morris is professor in Social Anthropology at Goldsmith's College. He has written books and published articles on a wide range of topics and issues, in the fields of botany, ecology, ethnobiology, religion, history, philosophy, as well as anthropology, His books include: Forest Traders: A Socio-Econamic Life of the Hill Pandaram (Athlone Press, 1982), Common Mushrooms of Malawi (Oslo University, 1987), Anthropological Studies of Religion (Cambridge University Press, 1987), Western Coceptions of the Individual (Berg, 1991), Bakunin: Philosopher of Freedom (Montreal, Black Rose, 1993), Anthropology of the Self (Pluto Press, 1994) and Power of Animals (Berg, 1998).

Ok. Steve Nwosu is a lecturer in political theory at the department of political and administrative  studies, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. His publications include: "The national question: Issues and lessons of boundary adjustment in Nigeria - The Ndoki case" (Journal of Third-world Studies, Georgia, USA, 1998), "Women-in-Education:A Theoretical Relevance" (Nigerian Journal of Professional studies in education, 2002 Vol.8,No.1)  "Globalisation and social policy: A New agenda for community development",(in S.Okodudu, ed., Selected Issues in Third world development crisis: evidence from Nigeria, paragraphics, 1999),“Constitutionalism, Governance and the Rights of man   in Nigeria", (Journal of Nigerian Affairs, Vol.3  no.2 1999); "Concept of information as a property in Aquisitive society" (Journal of Business and  social sciences.vol.1 no.2 1999, Imo State University, Owerri), Is Hegel a Non-liberal?,  (Emhai publishing company, University of  Port Harcourt, 2001), An interpretation of  Democratic Representative, (Forthcoming).

Chamsy Ojeili completed his doctorate in Sociology at Massey University, New Zealand in 2000. He is co-editor of New Zealand Sociology and a member of the International Advisory Board of D&N.