Democracy & Nature

The International Journal of Politics and Ecology


Vol. 3, No. 2  (Issue 8), 1995


[ note admin 25.05.2014: Whole numbering, which began with issue 8, dropped starting with Vol. 5, No. 1 (Mar. 1999) ]


Our Aims

Why 'Democracy & Nature'?



"Communalism: The democratic dimension of anarchism  by Murray Bookchin pp. 1-17

"The problem of democracy today"
  by Cornelius Castoriadis pp. 18-35  (Abstract)

"Beyond statism and the market economy: a new conception of democracyby Takis Fotopoulos, pp. 36-95

"The end of sovereignty" 
by Thomas S. Martin, pp. 97-112

"Liberalism as democracy" 
by William McKercher, pp. 113-156


Manos Marangudakis on "The Green challenge: The Development of Green Parties in Europe by Dick Richardson & Chris Rootes", pp. 157-161

Theodore Papadopoulos on "Philosophy, Politics, Autonomy by Cornelius Castoriadis", pp. 162-173




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