Society and Nature

The International Journal of Political Ecology

Vol. 2, No. 2  (1994)


Our Aims



Nation-State, Nationalism and the New World Order

Noam Chomsky,  "Nationalism and the New World Order: An Interview by Takis Fotopoulos"  pp. 1-7

"Nationalism and the 'National Question'" by Murray Bookchin  pp. 8-36

"The Nation-State and the Market" by Takis Fotopoulos  pp. 37-80

Social Movements and the New World Order

"World Imbalance and the Revolutionary Force of Ecology"  by Cornelius Castoriadis  pp. 81-90

"The New World Order and Social Movements"  by Carl Boggs  pp. 91-129

"Ecology" and the Modernizaiton of Fascism in the German Ultra-right"  by Janet Biehl  pp. 130-170

Ethnonationalism and the Fourth World

"Ethnonationalism in the Philippines"  by David Hyndman and Levita Duhaylungsod  pp. 171-194


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