Society and Nature

The International Journal of Political Ecology

Vol. 2, No. 1  (1993)

Our Aims




"Ecofeminism: Toward Global Justice and Planetary Health"  by Greta Gaard and Lori Gruen  pp. 1-35

"Feminism and Ecofeminism: Beyond the Dualistic Assumptions of Women, Men and Nature"  by Val Plumwood  pp. 36-51 

"Problems in Ecofeminism"  by Janet Biehl  pp. 52-71 

"Toward a Radical Ecofeminism: From Dua-Logic to Eco-Logic"  by Chaia Heller  pp. 72-96 

"Eco-Feminism and Eco-Socialism: Dilemmas of Essentialism and Materialism"  by Mary Mellor  pp. 97-116 

"Anarchism, Existentialism, Feminism, and Ambiguity"  by Susan Brown  pp. 117-136 

"Down to the Body: Feminism, Ecology and the Evolution of the Body Politic"  by Chaia Heller  pp. 137-162 

# DIALOGUE SECTION: "Dialogue on Marxism" #

"The Crisis of Left Politics and Karl Marx"  by Thanassis Kalomalos  pp. 163-176 

"Comments on 'The Crisis of Left Politics'"  by Murray Bookchin  pp. 177-181 

"Beyond Scientism and Irrationalismby Takis Fotopoulos  pp. 182-196


Brian Morris  on "Society and Nature: Towards a Green Social Theory, by Peter Dickens,"  pp. 197-201


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