Society and Nature

The International Journal of Political Ecology


Vol. 1, No. 3  (1993)


Our Aims




The State in an Ecological Society

"The Economic Foundations of an Ecological Society"  by Takis Fotopoulos, pp. 1-40 

"The Transition to the Ecological Society: The Meaning of Confederalism", Murray Bookchin, pp.  41-54

"Community Control, Workers' Control and the Cooperative Commonwealth"  by Howard Hawkins,  pp. 55-85 

The Strategy of Transition to an Ecological Society

"A Political Strategy for Ecology Movements"  by James O'Connor,  pp. 86-91 

"The Transition to the Ecological Society: An Interview by Takis Fotopoulos" 
by Murray Bookchin, pp. 92-105 

"Radical Visions and Strategies"  by Linda Davidoff, Dave Foreman and Murray Bookchin,  pp. 106-130 

Ecological Society and New Movements

"Ten Theses on Social Movements"  by Marta Fuentes and Andre Gunder Frank,  pp.131-157 

"From Movement to Parliamentary Party: Notes on Several European Green Movements"  by Janet Biehl,  pp. 158-179 

"North American Greens Come of Age: Statism vs. Municipalism"  by Howard Hawkins,  pp. 180-218 



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